Working with Cooee Kid’s Ministry to help them spread the Word

Our client list at Strictlymarketing is as diverse as the world we live­ in, from retailers to property developers, sole traders to multinationals, and we love it when clients from different backgrounds and walks of life come to us for help to get their message across to their target market.

We recently worked with Cooee Kid’s Ministry to develop a fresh website for its founder Deborah Wassenberg, the daughter of a Pastor who has spent 40 years teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children.

We were immediately impressed with Deborah’s passion for her work, her dedication to single-handedly developing a wide array of resources for children and, her creativity in doing so in ways which are engaging and fun.

Cooee Kid’s Ministry has developed a huge range of resources to achieve it’s goal which include music, visually stimulating imagery, games and activities, all coming back to the message of God and his promise to always be by our side.

These resources are available for free for volunteers and staff working at Children’s Ministries and have proven to be hugely popular both in Australia and throughout the world.

The fact Deborah produces them all herself, drawing on her scriptwriting, drama and community services education, as well as her passion for sharing God’s word, is impossible to ignore and it was important to us to ensure that passion comes across in the work we do for her.

“I have been promoting Cooee Kid’s Ministry by myself for many years and have been reaching a great number of people, but always felt the message could be stronger and attract more people who could utilise the resources we developed,” Deborah explained.

“My work has taken me to corners of Australia I don’t know existed as well to the Philippines, Malaysia and the Solomon Islands. What I have found, time and again, is that children have the same openness to learn about Jesus and their lives are forever changed from doing so.

“I am so thankful Strictlymarketing’s creative team has been able to develop our marketing approach more professionally and am confident it will help us to reach more children in more Childrens Ministries, which is what our work is all about.

Thank you to Ryan Hayes, Head Designer at Strictlymarketing for your constant communication, advice, patience, and ongoing offer of help if I need it. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

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