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PR and media management

Get your business up in lights in the media and watch it shine with greater public and customer recognition and impact.

A coordinated approach to Public Relations and Media Management will complement and add value to the overall marketing mix.

The media is a powerful tool to promote your business and effectively communicate with your target audiences. However, it is a specialist field that requires honed writing skills, media industry understanding and contacts to achieve strong profile results for clients.

Professionally managing the media process is crucial to ensuring consistent messaging, enjoying the benefits of positive media profile and, importantly, limiting the potentially negative impact of incidents that may occur.

Strictlymarketing provides a quality in-house Public Relations and Media Management service covering all print, electronic and digital mediums.

Get to know the media. We are Strictlymarketing. We can help.

  • Publicity and Communications Services

  • Media Strategy and Planning

  • Media Liaison and Representation

  • Media Training and Crisis Management

  • Copywriting