Strictlymarketing joins with Ladybird Care Foundation

The Ladybird Care Foundation is one of those groups you hope you never need, but if you do, can become something of a light in the darkest of times, which is why Strictlymarketing is pleased to announce our sponsorship of them.

Established in 2020, the Ladybird Care Foundation offers support services and a pathway to healing for families grieving the loss of a child because, in their words, “no-one should have to walk this journey alone”.

The group was founded by Wayne Pascoe, whose daughter Emma Louise, “Lily Ladybird”, who was born in 1996 with an enlarged heart (metabolic cardiomyopathy) which later resulted in Cerebral Palsy and further heart problems. Emma defied the odds surviving well past the predicted 12 months doctors had given her, before her passing in 2014.

Ladybird Care’s Vision is: To empower, support and care for grieving families who have lost a child, by equipping them with the knowledge and tools required to sustain long-term personal well-being.

Strictlymarketing is collaborating with the Ladybird Care Foundation to help promote their services, events and products including their annual Gala Dinner and their fundraising home and personal fragrance enterprise Lys Coccinelle, where all proceeds are directed back into the charity.

Heading up this work will be Marketing Executive, Edwina Cornish, a mum of three young boys who is passionate about helping community groups achieve their maximum potential. For Ladybird Care Foundation, this means helping them to reach, support and empower as many grieving families as possible.

“Ladybird Care has a clear purpose and that is to remain a vital support system for parents and families experiencing one of the worst things they will ever go through,” Edwina explained. “Long after well-meaning friends have stopped dropping by and checking in regularly, the grief and loss remains.

“The trained volunteers at Ladybird Care understand the potential of grief to become an unsurmountable obstacle and are on hand to ensure those needing support are not left feeling isolated.”

“There are other families who have experienced the loss of a child and they understand. This understanding should not be underestimated in helping those navigate the grieving process.”

“Seeking to fill the gap in essential mental health-care services, Ladybird Care offers a crucial missing link to grieving Australian families.  Day-by-day, their program and passionate volunteers are helping to change lives for the better.  Strictlymarketing is delighted to assist an organisation of this high standing.”

If you would like to know more about the Ladybird Care Foundation and how you can support them, visit the