The value of great staff

A business which runs like a well-oiled machine can be a thing of beauty to be a part of, a place where productivity, creativity and staff engagement are encouraged and importantly, efficiently able to meet customer needs.

There are a number of factors which go into creating such a business, but it often starts and ends with a great workforce who know their job and the business; so it’s not a stretch to say staff retention is important.

Happy, experienced staff do their job better. The alternative is either an unhappy and unproductive workforce or a high staff turnover which means time and energy needs to be dedicated to recruiting and training new staff.

At Strictlymarketing, we are very lucky to have some incredible staff and, because we understand our success depends to a large degree on them and their many talents, we like to make sure they know how much we value them.

Portfolio Marketing Manager, Laura Perkins, was named our October Employee of the Month for her ongoing commitment to Strictlymarketing, and her dogged pursuit of opportunities to grow the business and our staff.

We are very lucky to have the very talented Laura on our team and look forward to the projects we will be delivering together to our clients in the future!