The Strictlymarketing Mums

The motherhood journey is never the same for any two people but for mums who work, the “juggle” between work, home and motherhood is a constant. We checked in with the Strictlymarketing’s mums to get their take on trying to achieve a good balance as they strive for professional success and being great mothers to their children.

Here’s what they had to say.


Bev Strickland – Managing Director

I always wanted to be a mum but was also keen to travel and build a career first, so being a late-start mum worked out perfectly for me because by the time I had my son, I was ready.

Owning and managing a business with staff is a full-time gig and I find it often consumes my attention, so I have had to work hard on being present and not distracted when my son is talking to me about his day or things happening in his world.

t has helped me to work on achieving things in smaller times slots so I don’t get frustrated; it’s surprising what you can achieve in 15 minutes. Even tackling all the dirty dishes and the washing!

I am a strong believer women can have a successful career and be loving mums at the same time, but you need a planned and organised approach. It’s about prioritising what is most important and not sweating the small stuff.

There are plenty of women who thrive being a stay-at-home mum, but I know for myself, I am happier trying to manage both home and work. If I am a happy and challenged mum, I will reflect that on to my child in positive ways.

Watching my son grow, learn and develop into a beautiful young man is such a wonderful experience and it means so much to me when he tells me he loves me and I’m a good mum, even when I know I am being a bit crabby.

My hope for my son is that he will always stay as kind and loving as he is now, as well as retaining his creative, child-like, and fun-loving self no matter what the world delivers to him.


Kristin Huddleston – Portfolio Marketing Manager

I have a son who is 5 and a daughter aged 3 and I love having these two tiny buddies to have fun with and help to grow. My kids have taught me a lot, like how to multi-task, how to look past fatigue to stay in the moment and, what it is to truly love unconditionally.

I find what stands out the most for me are the little moments. I recently sewed a dress for my daughter for a medieval festival and when she was trying it on said “mummy, I really love you”. Those are the moments that really matter for me.

Sure, being a mum means I have lost a lot of that self-care time I used to enjoy and also means I need to be incredibly organised. Despite only having two kids, I spend Sunday nights packing seven bags – for school, sport and work.

I think the idea of ‘having it all’ puts an unrealistic level of pressure on a lot of mums, but if you can prioritise and choose ways that make you happy, you can be present for those special moments and do well professionally.

I always wanted to be a mum and when I was little, I told my friend I would have 10 kids and live at the zoo. Even so, I was still surprised at how much fun it was being a stay-at-home mum for the period I was just that. There are so many fun things to do and your days are so flexible and free. But I believe to really enjoy that experience, you need a good friendship circle and lots of reasons to get out and about.

I think my son will possibly become a doctor, scientist or engineer; a job where he is always learning. I think my daughter will be an incredibly competent and caring midwife or teacher.

If I could wish anything for my children’s futures it is that they have the confidence and means to make the life they want.


Selena Beevers – Portfolio Marketing Manager

I am mum to one son who is 14 and what I like most about being his mum is having a mini-me. What I dislike most about being his mum is having a mini-me, because this one has more attitude! It’s funny because I am a mini-me of my mum!!

I always wanted to be a mum and we finally achieved that after several attempts through IVF. I love being a mum but have been truly surprised by how many times I need to tell him do things, like getting out of bed to get ready for school. Is it a boy thing?

One of the biggest struggles for me being a mum is making sure I have enough quality time to spend with my son because they grow up far too quickly. That became more of a struggle when he started school and I took on a full-time corporate job. I did spend some of that time wishing I was a stay-at-home mum.

In the corporate world I found there was not a lot of flexibility. It would have been nice to be able to go to all the school events. In my role at Strictlymarketing, I get that flexibility now and it makes a huge difference.

I am a firm believer that women can have a great career and home life, but you need to find that balance and that can take time. Everyone has their own way of making things work for them and that’s ok.

Whenever I am feeling unwell or have hurt myself, my son’s caring side really comes out and he always checks in to make sure I am ok.

My wish for my son is that he will be happy and never have to stress about money.



Edwina Cornish – Marketing Executive

As a mum of three boys, I get to enjoy a front row seat to three wonderful lives and feel constantly loved.

I do find I end up cooking about 15 meals every night and being a mum can be really, really hard and you need to learn to be patient!!! I also struggle with not always being able to do every little thing with the boys, but even so, I do believe a woman can ‘have it all’ – though it takes a village, and you need to be prepared to not be perfect at everything.

When I had my two eldest sons, I took five years off work before gradually returning over a long period of time. I choose to make my job work around my family but also value having work which gives me self-worth, keeps my mind active and challenges me.

I now love having my independence by being back at work and find that at the end of even the craziest of days, I always come home to these three huge hearts who give me so much love, attention and affection.

My kids are the centre of my universe and I want to be a strong role model for them, one who participates in the world and cares for herself and those in the community.

I always wanted to be a mum. Aside from marrying my husband, being a mum is the best thing I have ever done. My kids are crazy, but they bring me so much joy.

While my kids can be complete ratbags – they are three boys together! – they are always kind and I believe that will stay with them as they get older. I really hope they always remain close and look out for each other.