Adding drone photography and videography to the marketing toolbox

Drone photography and videography quickly proved to be game-changers in visual marketing, providing breath-taking images we could only have previously expected to see in big budget Hollywood films.

But with the technology now available to anyone who can afford a drone – and they range from the very affordable to crazy expensive – it is possible for drone images to now be a part of almost any marketing campaign, constrained only by lack of imagination more than anything else.

Seen a television ad for a car recently and been impressed by the long shots zeroing in on the vehicle in a remote location? Have you looked at real estate in the last year and watched some slick video featuring high shots of the property and surrounds?

What about those incredible beach videos doing the rounds of surfers out beyond the break riding waves all the way into shore, with the video following them from above?

Drone photography and videography are everywhere in marketing and advertising these days and there are few better examples than this commercial real estate drone footage from Josh Miles.

In fact, the uptake up drone photography during the pandemic was unprecedented as people around the world locked into their houses, yearned for a glimpse of what was happening beyond their walls, and it has not abated since we were all stepped back into the world after lockdowns.

This accessibility to drones means anyone can now take their own aerial photography and videos which is fantastic. But this does not make everyone a good filmmaker.

As with copywriting, photography, design, branding and every other aspect of marketing, producing professional and effective marketing campaigns which utilise the incredible possibilities of drone videography is a specialised skill, not everyone is able to reproduce.

However, it is quickly becoming a skillset professional marketers and agencies are taking seriously and has become a strong area of focus, allowing them to keep pace with the competition and offer the best value for money for clients.

This means that while not everyone is a good filmmaker, everyone can have access to one through a videography business or marketing agency. Given the scope of use for drones in marketing, it is something anyone looking to develop or pay for a marketing campaigns should be looking at incorporating.

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