Client Testimonial – In Your Words

Strictlymarketing did my branding and I could not be happier!

There is a lot of decision-making needed when starting a new business and, I’ll admit, I was feeling a little overwhelmed in making some of the big decisions. So I was very grateful when Bev Strickland, who I know professionally, offered the skills of her design gurus to help me out with my branding.

I had a pretty good idea about what I wanted when it came to the logo for my business and confidently sent this off to Art Director, Vyv Black.

Given the nature of the business, In Your Words, writing obituaries, eulogies and final words, it was critical the tone of the branding reflect the seriousness of what we do, but also be clean, professional and, dare I say it, sleek!

I had thought perhaps the tree of life should be the centre of the design, with the wording of the business name and what we do in curved lettering across the top and bottom of the tree.

As a special request I asked that the letters DH be included discreetly in the logo, as the business idea was inspired by the recent death of my father-in-law, whose initials were DH.

I don’t know a lot about design so thought perhaps the colours should be green and white or black and green.

It wasn’t long before Vyv sent back a very impressive sheet of logo concepts with a number of variations on my initial ideas, but also adding in a few of his own which built on my original brief.  He had absolutely nailed it!

Vyv showed me what my original ideas would look like when pulled together. I quickly dismissed these because they seemed heavy and did not reflect the feel for the business I was hoping to achieve.

Instead, I gravitated towards the lighter, brighter, crisper designs where a simple tree with green lettering was presented to me in a number of ways. And the letters DH were there in a very subtle manner in the dot points.

While including curved lettering at the top of the logo for the business name, Vyv had also given me some concepts where the bottom words were straight rather than curved. It looked great and was much easier to read than my concept!

I picked an exquisitely simple and clear logo and sent it to a number of people for their feedback. They all loved it too and every one of them commented on the letters DH. I realised this had become a valuable talking point for the business, which is such a fantastic added bonus, because it helps me build a rapport with the people I am writing for.

I was so impressed with the logo, I asked Bev if her design team of Vyv and Head of Design, Ryan Hayes, would also help design brochures and business cards for the business.

Again, these exceeded my expectations and really helped to set the tone for my new business venture.

Throughout the process, Vyv and Ryan were extremely patient with me who, as I said, am no designer. They took my ideas and improved upon the concepts using their vast knowledge of design principles.

Honestly, it would be impossible to articulate how grateful and impressed I am with Strictlymarketing’s design team!

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