Being kind – it’s easy, it’s fun, it’s good for you!

Today is World Kindness Day and you may hear a lot of talk about being kind; at least we hope you do and we hope it inspires you to be kind today and tomorrow and the day after. In fact, you can make kindness a conscious habit every day and we promise you, you will feel better for it and so will the people around you.

Kindness is one of the easiest things in the world to do. It can be as simple as a smile in someone’s direction, an offer to help with something, stopping to listen to someone. There is no limit to the ways we can kind be to each other – and ourselves, don’t forget we can be kind to ourselves.

The fact is, everyone is burdened by something. Everyone. And while the size of the burden may differ, anyone carrying a burden is suffering. Being kind is the antidote to the suffering and it is such an awesome antidote because anyone can administer it at any time, to anyone.

The Oxford Dictionary defines kindness as: “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Being kind comes easily to some people while others may struggle with kindness. If it comes easily to you, please share your kindness far and wide and be an example to those around you.

For people who are struggling with being kind, and this can start with yourself, it may be more of a challenge, but brings its own immediate rewards. Nothing can beat the feeling of knowing you have helped make someone’s day even just that little bit better.

To mark World Kindness Day, I would like to invite all of us, to take at least one moment today to be consciously kind to someone. And and I would love to know how you have either shown or received kindness because your random act of kindness may just inspire others.

In the meantime, to get your kindness juices flowing, here’s the crew at Sesame Street along with Tori Kelly singing about Kindness – turn it up and dance around, sing along and get the feel for it because kindness is easy and fun and infectious.