5 Habits of Effective Marketing People

We have reputations to uphold as marketers as organised, efficient, and creative people. And for the most part, we are, but we are only human and from time to time we suffer burn out and need a little vacay from being so practically perfect. When we are being our very best, this is how we go about achieving it.

Strategize and Plan

It’s all in the strategy and planning when it comes to effective marketing and anyone worth their weight will not start a campaign without one in place. For some diehard marketers this habit is so inbuilt that it extends to everyday life which becomes so planned it would rival a FedEx logistics schedule. Okay so that’s not ideal but go right ahead and apply that mentality to your client’s marketing schedules and then plan for the unexpected with back up plan for your back up plan!

Keep abreast of trends

With technology as our closest ally, one must stay abreast of rapidly changing trends to survive in the wild world of digital marketing. What’s peaking one day is troughing the next and we need to be the first to know to stay ahead of the game. We do this by subscribing to industry news, keeping a keen eye on social feeds, attending networking functions and looking to international innovators for emerging trends.

Analyse and report

Trends and consumer insight can also become apparent by analysing and reporting on campaigns. This decade has brought a suite of tools both free and paid that analyse and report on digital marketing, making it easier to analyse return on investment. Traditional media can be more difficult to track, however metrics can still be employed to ensure accountability and transparency of spend and campaign effectiveness.

Be collaborative and open to feedback

Unfortunately, unlike accountancy or medicine, the creative industry is very subjective, and everyone is an expert. The advent of Canva and social media, which is accessible to all, has made this even more problematic. Being open to collaboration and constructive criticism is crucial in the creative industries. Marketers must develop a thick skin to survive and more importantly they must be prepared to present a strong rationale for the creative approach taken with data and statistics to back it.

Embrace creativity, innovation, and change

Nothing changes if nothing changes and above all else marketers must embrace creativity, innovation and change to stay afloat in the industry. Creativity has been the catalyst for change since time immemorial. When faced with adversity humans shift their frame of mind to solve a problem. Now in marketing terms the said ‘adversity’ may simply be your client’s apartment stock just won’t sell, nonetheless, it poses a marketing problem that we must solve using innovative thinking and a strategic approach.

Last but not least, marketers have fun. We have a privileged opportunity to use our brain creatively and that my friends is the best habit of all.