Why your business should be looking at video marketing

//Why your business should be looking at video marketing

Why your business should be looking at video marketing

We are all busy these days so when we are digesting content/information/marketing, we want it to be quick, relevant and engaging, and there are few ways of achieving this more effectively than the use of video – when done properly.

The very visual nature of video means people’s eyes are drawn to it more than a static display, sign or social media post. The soundtrack, the movement, the lighting, the colours, the vibe and the message of a marketing campaign using video, is more likely to help a consumer connect with a brand or product. It is also the perfect medium to get a lot of information across quickly and in a way which can be easily understood by the target market.

Imagine for one second a social media post which is basically a flyer promoting a holiday in Bali (how tempting is the thought of getting on a plane and jetting off somewhere tropical?). It may have a bright orange background colour, use bold fonts, some imagery including palm trees and Bintang beer to convey its message.

The flyer may just start you thinking about a holiday in Bali. Now imagine a social media 15 second video promoting the same holiday. Throw in some Balinese music, footage of beaches, rice fields, temples and a sumptuous feast, include the bright colours and wide smiles of the Balinese people and you are no longer thinking about a holiday in Bali, but seeing yourself there!

The difference can be powerful, but of course, it all depends on how video is used.

If an inexperienced but well-meaning business owner decided to make their own advertising video for our Balinese holiday, filming the bright orange flyer with a Balinese soundtrack playing in the background, the ad will look unprofessional and certainly not promote engagement. I would go say far as to say that it may even raise red flags for consumers who wonder about whether the company is legitimate, having the exact opposite impact the business owner had hoped to achieve.

Video allows you to engage more senses – notably sound – which can be extremely evocative. Movement is also known to be much more valuable when trying to engage an audience. It is also important to recognise that the rise of new social media platforms – think TikTok and YouTube – are all about short-form videos. There is nothing static in a TikTok video and this is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms globally.

It is important to note here that Google owns YouTube and as such, it prioritises YouTube content over many other forms of content, boosting a businesses SEO and return on investment. Video production companies specialise in producing relevant and interesting video content for its clients and, increasingly, so are digital marketing businesses.

If video content is not already on your business radar, it needs to be. If you would like to know more about how Strictlymarketing can help you with your video content, contact Bev Strickland on 0417 761 966 or email bstrickland@strictlymarketing.com.au


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