Using video to grow your business

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Using video to grow your business

Young talent, emerging and accessible technology and a willingness to embrace new ways of working and thinking are proving to be the winning edge for the team here at Strictlymarketing.

One avenue we have been working on developing in recent months has been our video production capabilities and that has been done through a significant financial investment in equipment and training up our Graphic Designer Ryan Hayes, who discovered his passion for video a number of years ago.

Bev Strickland, Managing Director of Strictlymarketing, said it is an exciting new addition to the marketing capabilities of the team which specialises in digital marketing campaigns for retail, property and shopping centres.

“We have seen a clear need, and boundless possibilities, for the use of quality video in marketing campaigns, but this has traditionally only been available to those with large marketing budgets who could engage a video production company,” Bev said.

“Understanding this and determined to ensure our clients have access to video capabilities for their marketing campaigns, we were pro-active and had the very enthusiastic Ryan trained up further allowing us to now provide video as part of our offerings.

“Ryan is passionate about interactive and visual design and its capacity to help businesses and brands connect with their target market. He also studied video and film at university and employed the medium in completing his Honours thesis.

“Ryan wanted the opportunity to expand his already impressive knowledge and build the capabilities we could offer our clients. We were more than happy to facilitate that.”

Ryan, who joined Strictlymarketing as an intern last year before being taken on in a permanent role at the end of 2020 when he graduated university, said he can see a vast range of opportunities to incorporate video into digital marketing campaigns.

“Having the skill of producing videos helps to convey ideas in such an effective way that it evokes emotions and encourages greater engagement,” Ryan explained. “I love exploring the possibilities of video for and with our clients and we are finding the results are polished campaigns which create an enormous amount of impact.

“The use of video allows for campaigns which are not static, inviting consumers to be immersed – if only for a few moments – into another world.

“This is achieved through movement in the video, the music which can be incredibly powerful in engaging people and allows for a huge amount of information to be conveyed quickly and in an easy to digest form.”

Ryan said while there is enormous potential for the use of video in marketing campaigns, it is proving to be especially effective on social media platforms.

“There is a lot of noise on social media which can be hard to cut through,” he continued. “Using all the tools available, video can cut through the noise when it’s done properly. But like everything, when it is not done well, it can be incredibly detrimental to a brand’s reputation and image.

“I think it’s brilliant we can now offer professional video to our clients as part of their campaigns and I am genuinely excited by the possibilities it holds.”

If you would like to know more about video production and how it can be used in a marketing campaign, contact Bev Strickland on 0417 761 966 or email


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