The in-store retail experience remains king

//The in-store retail experience remains king

The in-store retail experience remains king

The rise and rise of online and mobile retailing continues to have a major impact on the modern retail landscape.

In order to compete in this new technology-driven environment, traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers need to make the most of their in-store experience as this is what sets them apart from the digital world.

The sensory and social experience of going shopping, with all the associated ‘sights, sounds and smells’ and human engagement, is something that can only be found at a physical retail store. For example: Lorna Jane’s Active Living Room concept.

Retailers need to get the in-store experience right for their customers and can add further value through add-on and complimentary activities such as in-store product demonstrations, tours and special events.

Despite the range of online and mobile options now available to consumers, they still crave the stimulation, personal connection and social aspect of shopping.

This means the key elements of successful retailing in the modern world remain unchanged and must be based on:

  • A great store design and fit-out
  • Unique and regularly updated display techniques
  • Quality product offerings
  • Friendly, knowledgeable customer service

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