Thanks from a very happy winner

//Thanks from a very happy winner

Thanks from a very happy winner

A year’s worth of free groceries? Yes please, and a thank you very much!

On Sunday, October 10, the Great Grocery Dash was held at the family-owned fresh food market, T-Bones and Coles Supermarket located in Aspley’s Robinson Road Marketplace, with a large crowd gathering for a chance to win a year’s worth of free groceries.

The competition, organised and managed by Strictlymarketing, saw 20 lucky shoppers compete to fill a set shopping list within the fastest amount of time at Coles and T-Bones.

With a total prize pool of $30,000, nine runners-up received $75 worth of groceries, the winners Rebecca and Isla now able to spend up to $15,000 in the next year at Coles and T-Bones on groceries.

Rebecca, a married mum of two who admitted the competition had seen her pull up physically sore the next day, said the last couple of years had been a struggle for the family and she could not be more excited about the win.

“These past two years have been financially and emotionally really tough on our little family,” she said in an email to Strictlymarketing. “When I saw the promotion online for the competition I entered my details immediately, never thinking I’d actually go through.

“After getting the phone call last week to tell me I had in fact been selected, I promptly spent every available moment in Coles trying my best to memorise the store layout and items. I even made my own comprehensive store map to study at home.

“I was not going to let an opportunity of a lifetime like this pass me by! Well, preparation and lady luck were on my side on Sunday and winning this competition has just been the most incredible experience. It without a doubt has changed our lives.

“It may seem a little funny to share that with you all – but I wanted to show you, as the winner of your competition, I understand the gravity of my prize and I feel I am deserving and will not let it go to waste. It absolutely will change our lives!

“So thank you all for your efforts and hard work. Apologies to the staff at Coles watching me wander around the store for hours on end purchasing a few items at a time (I must have looked like a complete weirdo), and sorry too for everyone who saw me post race in all my puffy/sweaty/out of breath glory! My body is sore today (yes I’m that unfit).”


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