Meet Our Intern Isabella

//Meet Our Intern Isabella

Meet Our Intern Isabella

Hi there, my name is Isabella and I recently took part in Strictlymarketing’s Digital Marketing Internship. A little bit about me, I am a self-confessed shopaholic and social media enthusiast! I am currently completing my final year of a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Public Relations at QUT.

Before starting my internship with Strictlymarketing, I was unaware of retail marketing and what it entailed. I was nervous to begin this internship as I had very little industry experience, but a lot of passion and willingness to learn! But now here I am, ten weeks later, learning so much and gaining more experience by the minute. I have learned the ins and outs of retail marketing, social media, and agency life.

Throughout my internship, I assisted with social media activities, blog writing, marketing plans, and site visits to retailers. Through this extensive range of activities, I learned many valuable skills that I will certainly take into my future career.

My main take away from this internship is the importance of digital marketing for any company. Primarily, the positive impact digital marketing has on small businesses, especially in the early stages is very significant.  From the beginning of my internship, I was entrusted with monitoring and curating a new client’s digital marketing profile. It was a challenge but also rewarding to see the progress of a digital marketing strategy achieved. Creating real-world content and messaging for the Facebook page allowed the page to grow significantly, and their digital presence to become known. Across all measurable results, the impact of digital marketing was proven time and time again.

Overall, I had such a positive experience at Strictlymarketing and am very grateful for the opportunity. I was trusted to make decisions based on my judgement and felt my ideas and opinions were always taken on board. Being trusted to use my best judgement gave me confidence about moving forward into the marketing industry as a professional. Everyone in the Strictlymarketing team was extremely helpful, especially my mentor, Erin. She was always smiling, ready to help, and answer any questions I had. I found this kind of environment helped me in acquiring new and transferrable skills.

I will always be very appreciative for being given this opportunity to complete a digital marketing internship with the friendly and professional team at Strictlymarketing! I have learned valuable skills and am ready to conquer the marketing industry. I would highly recommend completing an internship with Strictlymarketing for any students who are considering applying for internships.

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Written by Isabella Buckland-Baker. 


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