Journal of a Marketing Intern… finally, the glamorous part of the job!

//Journal of a Marketing Intern… finally, the glamorous part of the job!

Journal of a Marketing Intern… finally, the glamorous part of the job!

On 23rd May, an excited intern from the Strictlymarketing team had a better excuse than usual to procrastinate on her university assignments…

I was invited by Actionologist Brooke Baker to tag along to a photo shoot at Emporium Hotel, and see professionals and creatives in their element, in the midst of Emporium’s rebranding.

I was lucky enough to watch Nicole Binney and Brooke organise an incredibly talented team. Sam Thies, a Brisbane photographer, worked his magic on the gorgeous Caroline Austin, signed to Dallys Models. The duo made a great team, supported by Arc Creative make up and hair artist Tania Travers, and stylist Sarah Birchley, they created a high fashion and glamorous photo shoot.

As I arrived, Brooke led me to the roof top pool at Emporium Hotel where the team was setting up their next shoot. Caroline looked completely at ease and glamorous in the pool; the weather definitely helped as the sun came out and reached close to 30 degrees!

The team were completely efficient, without any stress they breezed through the shots, Caroline was the perfect model to deliver the luxury ideal of Emporium.

The Strictlymarketing girls showed me behind the scenes details and taught me some tricks of the trade about how to get a photoshoot organised and ensure it runs smoothly for the team.

After an hour or two, lunch was called and we headed back to the makeshift makeup and hair studio, held in a beautiful boardroom within the Emporium Hotel.

Watching everyone prepare for the next shoot was just as interesting as being on set. Tania allowed Caroline to take her pick of the sushi and salad platters before sitting her back down to get her hair blown into luscious waves and her face re-glammed. Nicole, Brooke and I assisted with the process – taking BTS snapshots of Caroline’s transformation, as well as having our fair share of sushi! After everyone was fed and glammed, we headed out to the next location and watched the magic happen all over again.


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