7 Reasons Why You Should Utilise Instagram Stories

//7 Reasons Why You Should Utilise Instagram Stories

7 Reasons Why You Should Utilise Instagram Stories

The question I recently pitched in our team meeting was – ‘What is the worst personality trait of a bad marketer?’ Being anti-social was the answer all round.

Social media has for a few years now been an essential component of any integrated marketing campaign. In 2018, social media stories are where the magic happens. Instagram stories have become the most efficient gateway to the lives of most target markets. The Snapchat-esque filters that can turn a person into a puppy are truly fun and addictive, though it’s the revolutionary ability to tag, hashtag and check-in while on location that has hit the mark.

While other aspects of your campaign may have some of these features, the integrated unique experience that Instagram stories have brought to marketing are unparalleled. Here are our 7 reasons why you should be taking advantage of Instagram stories.

1.     Record amount of daily users

Snapchat has a whopping 140 million daily users worldwide. Instagram stories have surpassed this with flying colours, reaching a record breaking 200 million users daily. Don’t miss this opportunity of connecting with a huge market of eager beavers ready and waiting for you to post on your story.

2.     Discoverable to new customers 

Instagram stories are a great opportunity to not only give your followers a snapshot of your brand, but also reach users who don’t already follow you. Stories are discoverable, meaning anyone can view them owing to the added features like location and hashtags. This is supported by Instagram’s algorithm, which shows your story to users who have shown an interest in similar brands.

3.     Hashtags feed your already growing story audience 

Audiences that are interested in your niche can now follow hashtags. By using these tags in your stories, your account will make it to the explore page of thousands of people in your target market.

4.     Outbound links 

If you are blessed with more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, your account has the added feature of including outbound links in your stories. Viewers can simply ‘swipe up’ and be taken straight to your website, blog or shop.

5.     Personalise your approach

People love the exclusivity and excitement that social media does so well at creating. Let your audience get to know your brand by simply posting the team working in the office, your pets or anything that adds that personal connection. You can also amp up the excitement for an upcoming launch by showing sneak peaks. A bit of behind the scenes action is the personal touch many people love from brands.

6.     They’re not time dependent

Posting an Instagram story doesn’t require too much planning as there is no best time to post. Considering they’re visible for 24 hours, your audience can catch you hanging around the top of their feed at any time of the day.

7.     Keep the conversation going

Instagram stories are giving businesses more contact with their target market than ever before. So, don’t slack on posting good content! I recommend posting at least twice a day, most days of the week.

By Bev Strickland, Director and Founder.

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