Increasing our knowledge to grow client brands

//Increasing our knowledge to grow client brands

Increasing our knowledge to grow client brands

It is an old adage that we don’t know what we don’t know, which is why the team at Strictlymarketing understands the importance of maintaining our industry and technological knowledge to make sure we can get the most out of digital platforms for our clients.

The team recently spent a day training with Kylie Chown Consulting, which specialises in LinkedIn training to help clients better understand how the platform works, how to best utilise it and how it can help clients generate new leads.

Managing Director, Bev Strickland, said it is this type of training which helps Strictlymarketing to stay ahead of competitors in the digital marketing consultancy space.

“Kylie Chown provided us with valuable tips, information and insights about Google AdWords, LinkedIn, new developments on the platform and how both are evolving to meet market needs,” Ms Strickland said.

“We were able to pick up new learnings about creating the perfect personal profile, client page growth and development, search engine optimisation and LinkedIn ads.

“While we are passionate about learning at Strictlymarketing, we are just as passionate about making sure we have as complete an understanding as possible about digital marketing, strategies and platforms.

“It simply allows us to be more effective at marketing our clients to help them realise their ambitions and vision and that is so rewarding.”

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