How our team will spend Christmas

//How our team will spend Christmas

How our team will spend Christmas

From entertaining friends at home on Christmas Eve and preparing for Santa’s arrival, to attending a church service and singing carols, Christmas is all about family for Bev.

That means her husband, son and animals, hanging out, enjoying each other’s company and keeping the mood and food festive from seafood to salads and delicious desserts.

Bev said she is looking forward to the holidays and spending the Christmas break with her family, not rushing to meet competing deadlines, some time at the beach, sleeping and bushwalking.

“Despite the misery of COVID in 2021, it’s been a happy and productive year for me personally and professionally,” Bev said. “It is a great reminder for 2022 to stay positive and grateful for what I have and who I have in my life.”

Bev also hinted at launching a new business venture in 2022 but remains tight-lipped about the details. Stay tuned!

Laura Perkins – Marketing Executive

Christmas Eve this year will very much be a family event for Laura who will spend the night with her partner and his mum, baking dessert for lunch the next day and watching a festive movie, before joining her family on Christmas Day.

Not having been able to share last Christmas with some of her family who were in Cairns, Laura is looking forward to sharing the day with her parents, sisters and newborn nephew for a Christmas feast which is unlike most.

“My family have always used Christmas as an excuse to eat our favourite foods, so when we were little this involved pizza and party pies but has evolved to be Sushi, salads, a huge charcuterie board and plenty of desserts,” Laura explained.

With her holidays meaning time with her new nephew, family, friends and her partner, Laura also expects to spend plenty of time just relaxing and watching “heaps of movies”. She is hoping international borders will open in 2022 allowing for overseas travel.

Lauryn Garrard – Marketing Executive

Before Christmas, Lauryn will catch up with friends for their own special “friendmas” celebration where they exchange gifts, share a meal and play games, before she heads up north to spend Christmas with her family.

Christmas Day lunch is a mix of hot and cold foods (potato bake is a notable mention!), with most of the family chipping in to share the load. She is hoping her Christmas stocking will contain some vinyl for use on their new record player.

After Christmas, Lauryn usually goes camping and is hoping this year to spend heaps of time with family and friends, just relaxing, m enjoying the beach and being together.

Lauryn said she will remember 2021 for her university graduation, the relief of getting a full-time job with Strictlymarketing in a competitive market and, as is a recurring theme for many staff at Strictlymarketing, is looking forward to travel more in 2022.

Selena Beevers – Marketing Executive

For the last 15 years, Selena has hosted Christmas at her place for a large gathering of family and friends and this year will be no different, right down to the big roast turkey and chickens, baked veggies, seafood and the special Christmas smoked lamb with salads.

She admits she is also one of those shoppers doing mad laps of shopping centres at midnight, trying to make up for the lack or organisation in the weeks leading up to the chaos of Christmas.

As with most of the team, Selena is really looking forward to having some time off work to simply relax, chill out, visit friends and family and spending as much time as she can in the garden.

As a new addition to the Strictlymarketing fold, Selena has said she is excited about getting to know the team better and is most looking forward to not home-schooling in 2022 – lockdowns pending! If time and borders allows, she is also hoping to squeeze in a family holiday to New Zealand or Tasmania.

Marisha Seneviratne – Head of Design

Marisha is one of the many who find themselves panic-gift-wrapping on Christmas Eve but, as our Head of Design, it is unsurprising to find this is a task she likes to spend time on, making each gift look adorable and wondrous.

Christmas Day itself is usually spent by Marisha hanging out with family, dipping into and out of the pool and enjoying the sumptuous feast of hot foods with loads of cold prawns included, prepared by her stepfather who happens to be a chef! That said, her favourite Christmas dish is her Mum’s baked potatoes!

Marisha will also be headed up to the Sunshine Coast over the break to spend time with friends and plans to do a lot of sleeping and relaxing while away. She is most looking forward to not having to set an alarm during the week to get into the office!

Her highlight of 2021 was watching the fireworks at South Bank as Brisbane was named host city for the 2032 Olympics and so far has very few plans for 2022 other than to focus on her career and relationships with friends and family.

Erin Logan – Marketing Manager

Christmas Eve is a night of magic for Erin, who always spends it with family and her partner and this year, will be joining them for a “fancy dinner in Brisbane”, while Christmas Day is more about relaxing and enjoying each other’s company and a simple seafood and salad spread with plenty of good wine. Erin admits she is particularly partial to Christmas desserts including pavlova, trifle, shortbread and chocolate cake.

Like much of the Strictlymarketing team, Erin plans on catching up on some much-needed sleep over the holidays as well as spending time with family and friends while having “some spontaneous adventures”.

While 2021 will be remembered by Erin for “the fun times and laughs”, she is looking forward to the chance to travel in 2022 and attending some music festivals.

Esmeralda Dzafic – Marketing Executive

Esmeralda plans to spend Christmas the same way she has for the last five years – celebrating with family and friends at Noosa, with a simple lunch of a hot dog or hot chips, reducing the amount of work and stress on everyone.

Not one to spend too much time lazing, Esmeralda is hoping to spend the holidays catching up with family and friends and visiting the beach while also continuing her language and art studies.

She said she will always remember 2021 as “the year I graduated from university with the results I have always dreamed of”. In 2022, Esmeralda wants to travel and plans to continue working on her personal growth.

Ryan Hayes – Graphic Designer

Ryan is looking forward to celebrating Christmas at his sister’s new home with their friends and his partner and her family. He admits to not being very helpful on Christmas Day, with him most likely found swimming, drinking and lazing happily about.

He is looking forward to digging in to his mum’s pasta bake on Christmas Day as well as having a solid crack at the seafood.

While there are currently no family traditions, Ryan hopes to start some this year including his newborn niece, with hopes these will become a tradition. He plans to spend the rest of the holidays sleeping, sleeping and sleeping with some celebrating, socialising with family, friends and having a few drinks.

Reflecting back on 2021, Ryan said the most memorable thing to happen to him was starting work fill-time with Strictlymarketing and looking ahead, is hoping to move into a city apartment with mates in 2022.

Catherine Vogel – Administrative Assistant

Following Germanic tradition, Catherine’s Christmas looks a little differently to the rest of the team with family presents opened on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day filled with board games, swimming in the pool and home-made pizza for dinner.

Catherine says this makes for a very calm and stress-free Christmas Day dedicated to lazing around, eating leftovers, more swimming and the making and eating of Dutch Pannekoeken.

“They are really big, thin pancakes (more like crepes), which we have for dinner,” Catherine said. “We tend to not go all out in the perfect ham and turkey. We are quite simple in this way. We also generally have a joke bowl. Everyone is supposed to print out some funny jokes and we read them out. It’s a lot of fun!”

In keeping with the theme of everyone’s holidays, Catherine also intends to hang out with family – especially her sister who she hasn’t seen since July – and friends as well as catching up on some reading and doing some sewing, which is a favourite past-time.

She will remember 2021 as her first year of university and hopes to spend some of 2022 travelling through Europe.

Ileana Turner – Marketing & Design Assistant

Ileana will head up to the Sunshine Coast to celebrate Christmas with family, where she expects there to be plenty of games, food, laughs and leftovers. Celebrating this way with the family has been a long family tradition.

Ileana said she likes to be hands-on when it comes to helping prepare for the Christmas meal which will include chorizo, calamari, Greek salad.

No Boxing Day sales for Ileana who will head to Melbourne for a holiday where she hopes to read, surf, sleep, rest and “doing absolutely nothing”.

Her plans for 2022 are simply “trying to survive my last year of uni”.


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