Graphic Designers go back to the drawing board

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Graphic Designers go back to the drawing board

We don’t go online, we live online and after years of simplified design organic, artistic and hands-on design stands out from the crowd. Because of this mass move to the simplified, flat and no frills design graphic designers are going back to the drawing board literally. They are picking up their pencils, sharpies, ink-pots and putting pencil, pen and brush to paper with amazing results are amazing. This style of hands on is giving many brands an individual “one of a kind” feeling that brings the true meaning of the word “creative” back to life.

As a graphic designer you can sometimes spend all day stuck in front of a screen slowly sharpening the corners of once round eyes. When this hands-on trend started to appear I could not be more excited to get my hands dirty and give these styles a go. Here are a couple of my favourite hands-on styles taking over the world and the designers that do them justice.

Ink Typography

Ink and Brush typography is becoming extremely popular you have probably seen it splayed across many mediums giving brands and products a fresh new feel. I find ink typography extremely enjoyable with the flick of the wrist you can create something beautiful all though be warned its also harder then it looks.

My favourite ink Typographer Jasmine Dowling is a leader in this style and you have most likely seen her work on you Instagram linen and fashion magazines. Jasmine makes Ink and Brush typography look effortless.

jasmine dowling

Vintage Badge

I absolutely adore the Vintage badge of-course this is not a new style but it sure is back with a twist. Bring out that sharpie and those felt tip pens because there is nothing more beautiful then a hand drawn badge. Incorporating multiple fonts, shapes and animals badge logos gives brands personality and a timeless aesthetic. You may have established you company this year however it looks like you have been around for a hundred.

One of my favourite Instagram follows is Nicholas Moegly he does amazing badges that are meticulous hand drawn.

Nicholgas moegly


Bringing back portraiture and mixed media to create amazing advertisements, logos and secondary branding. Mixing highly skilled drawings with digital photography is extremely unique and eye capturing. Using this kind of artwork and design gives a brand an emotive feel and will definitely draw customers to explore further.
My favourite graphic designer using mixed media and illustration is Kate Louise with a definite coastal vibe her work gives you a sense of wanderlust is both beautiful and inviting to be gazed upon for hours.

Kate Louise

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