Foodie Friday campaign shines focus on Pavilions Palm Beach

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Foodie Friday campaign shines focus on Pavilions Palm Beach

Looking to promote its revitalised shopping centre, Pavilions Palm Beach engaged Strictlymarketing to develop and deliver a Foodie Friday campaign which reached thousands on social media.

Conducted from April 1 to 30, the Foodie Friday campaign was held both digitally and in-centre, with 4 X $100 gift vouchers for the centre given away online (one each Friday), and 150 X $5 Foodie Vouchers handed out through the new-look, Gold Coast shopping centre.

The campaign developed by Strictlymarketing, reached an impressive 8,293 people on Facebook with 2,032 engagements and 1,664 post clicks.

A further 8,739 Instagram accounts were reached by the campaign which also received 664 entries on Woobox for the online competition.

“It was an extremely successful multichannel marketing campaign,” Strictlymarketing’s Managing Director Bev Strickland said. “We were happy with the reach of the campaign and the positive feedback we received from the four $100 voucher winners and our promotional staff who handed out the $5 Foodie Vouchers. The overall redemption rate was also extremely positive having received 181 retailer vouchers from the 600 distributed.

“It proved to be an effective way of promoting the entire centre by letting consumers know the food choices at Pavilions are enough to warrant food vouchers and we expect the centre to enjoy increased patronage as people choose to discover what is available at the redeveloped centre.”


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