The Rise of Fashion Video Marketing

//The Rise of Fashion Video Marketing

The Rise of Fashion Video Marketing

It’s been a rough year for fashion; decreased sales, disrupted fashion weeks and changing consumer expectations are shifting the industry into previously unknown territory. However, there is one platform that both big and small brands alike seem to be embracing: video.

The shift towards videos in fashion marketing really shouldn’t come as a surprise, with both industries being very visual mediums. Besides, fashion videos are hardly a new phenomenon. But how we are consuming them has changed rapidly in the last year, due to external forces such as COVID-19 and changing consumer behaviours.

Whilst traditional social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have supported video capabilities new platforms such as TikTok, IGTV and Instagram Reels have quickly risen in popularity. The short video formats and abundance of themed challenges across TikTok and IGTV have created a new generation of digital influencers who are now being recognised by Vogue for their style and influence. Paper Magazine’s Chief Creative Officer, Drew Elliot said in a recent interview, “It’s tricky and it’s costly, but video is the most important.”

One of the main draws of video marketing is the diversity of content that the format allows. Videos can be streamed live, recorded or uploaded across almost all social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram have both introduced ‘story’ settings that allow users to post videos to their accounts that disappear after 24hrs; popular ways for celebrities and influencers to show their daily outfits. These along with styling, haul and collection videos are all excellent ways for businesses to showcase their products.

Furthermore the global pandemic has forced many businesses to innovate and create new ways to promote their products. Australian company, Uber Kate even utilised Facebook’s ‘live’ feature to auction off limited edition products, selling all the jewelry they promoted on their live video stream.

From the consumer perspective, video is not only engaging but provides an aura of authenticity. As customers are able to see the products in action; what it looks like on, how it moves, how it fits; which removes some of the hesitancy that comes with shopping online.

Fashion videos are one of the best ways for brands to communicate their distinct aesthetic to consumers and the popularity of user-generated content allows for continuous opportunities for engaging content.

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This article written by Madelaine Austin.