Experiencing the marketing process

//Experiencing the marketing process

Experiencing the marketing process

My time has sadly come to an end at Strictlymarketing, completing a 13-week marketing internship alongside Bev and a great bunch of girls. This has been the most invaluable internship I have ever undertaken where I have had the exposure to working on real clients in the retail space, attending promotional events and partaking in a photoshoot.

Whilst the exciting daily trips to new café’s was high on my list, the highlight of my experience was definitely attending a retailer photoshoot at Great Western Super Centre (Keperra). Throughout my internship journey I witnessed the centre’s new campaign come to life! This began by attending a photoshoot amongst various retailers, to seeing the in-house graphic designer Marisha create the content alongside Erin the Marketing Manager, to then installing these new printed campaigns around the centre. This gave me a new perspective of the logistics behind a fresh marketing campaign built from start to finish for a retailer centre all within a month’s work.

Below you can see our Finnigan’s Chin photoshoot that is now one of the many outdoor prints displayed at the Centre.



An interesting point raised in a Retail Week article earlier this year is the future of print in the retail environment, with the countless digital technologies around us. Specifically, is it worth spending big on print advertising around shopping centres, when these can be uploaded on Facebook for free?

As any marketing individual in Retail Property would well know, the marketing process is a critical component to attract customers and sales. From the smallest to largest of retail clients at Strictlymarketing, the promotional campaigns for shopping centres are designed to raise awareness about the tenant mix offering. Using print visual communications in particular can help retailers enhance connections with consumers, providing detailed messages that can be communicated more effectively whilst inciting a positive emotional response.

Ultimately, the impact of print and digital working in unison is greater than the impact of using just one of the two options.


I am very grateful to have had such a hands-on internship experience, feeling confident to ask any questions and learning particular skills that I lacked. Not only did I get to know a lovely team, but I know now I can reach out to Bev and the girls at Strictlymarketing all throughout my career.


If you would like to apply for the digital marketing internship or graphic design internship, please send a cover letter and resume to bstrickland@strictlymarketing.com.au

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Written by Molly Atkinson.