Diverse perspectives offer diverse campaigns and designs

//Diverse perspectives offer diverse campaigns and designs

Diverse perspectives offer diverse campaigns and designs

When it comes to design, we at Strictlymarketing understand that the more diverse perspectives we give a voice to, the more relevant, edgy and innovative our design work can be from branding, logo, style and identity, to marketing materials, websites, campaigns and digital designs.

With almost 25 years of combined experience between them, our design team is a great mix of the newly graduated Ryan Hayes, our Head of Design Marisha Seneviratne and Senior Graphic Designer Rachel Liddle, who has returned to the team after broadening her expertise.

Rachel worked with Strictlymarketing between 2012 and 2015 as a Senior Graphic Designer, bringing more than ten years industry experience with her.

Curious about how her skills could be utilised in the corporate world of finance, and always ready for a professional challenge, Rachel spent the following five years working in that sector.

She has returned to Strictlymarketing as Senior Graphic Designer, bringing with her an increased knowledge and skill set in branding, animation, and graphic, digital and web design and is working specifically on our own digital marketing materials and brand identity. She is also currently on a uni study path towards her Master in Design.

Rachel joins Strictlymarketing’s Head of Design, Marisha, who is also a talented illustrator and was recently promoted to the role from Senior Graphic Designer.

Marisha became a part of the Strictlymarketing team in March 2016, working predominantly on creating tailored designs developed from paper to screen to suit the personality of each client.

She loves to incorporate her love of drawing and illustration into her designs to create that unique, personalised touch and has a solid understanding of Web Imaging and Design, including UX/UI and design for digital spaces.

Rounding out our design team is Ryan who completed an Internship with Strictlymarketing in 2020 and joined us as a part-time Graphic Designer at the end of his internship.

A 2020 Bachelor in Interactive and Visual Design Graduate from Queensland University of Technology, Ryan is currently undertaking his Honors in Advertisement/Business at QUT.

Being a recent Graduate, Ryan has been able to inject a new energy into our design team, sharing some of the latest learnings and tech with our team, while he pushes the boundaries of design to elicit emotion from clients and their consumers.

To find out more about our Design Team, get in touch by calling Managing Director Bev Strickland on 0417 761 966, or email bstrickland@strictlymarketing.com.au

Need a Graphic Designer, Visual Designer or Illustrator? We are Strictlymarketing. We can help.


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