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The marketing Godfather, Kotler, refers to a brand as a “name, term, sign, symbol, design or a combination of these elements that is intended to identify the goods or services of the seller and differentiate them from competitors”.

But these days, a brand is so much more than that. Our modern lives are so jam packed with brands that they are interwoven into our vocabularies and we use them as verbs – we Velcro, we Hoover, we Superglue and, of course, we Google.

They are more than just signs or symbols, they are actions, they are belief. The belief that consumers have in a company or product, the belief that this will make their lives better, make them happy, make their job easier. And the belief that a company has in itself.

Your brand is you and your company conjoined, unified, compounded, compiled and connected. Our job is to take your belief, sculpt and mold it into physical form.

Strictlymarketing brings together cutting-edge design with proven brand building experts to showcase the creativity and strength of your brand and business.

Need to get creative? We are Strictlymarketing. We can help.

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